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This is Hjälpverksamheten Återvinningen

Motala Återvinning organization was started in 1992 by Bruno Lindblom within a study project. The first steps succeeded and Återvinning continued its work. During these past 22 years the company has established itself as a rather big organization who works for and with people and tries to make difference where it is needed. Its idea is to regain or reuse (which the Swedish word “återvinning” means) both things and people.

How do we regain people?
We work with people who have very different backgrounds. Some people have social problems, some are working at our organization because of unemployment and they need work-training, some have health problems and they need work-rehabilitation, while others have been alcohol or drug addicts and they need a work in order to keep themselves away from the addictions. Even school youth are sometimes working at Återvinning – when they need more motivation in order to be able to study a full-time at school and immigrants who need the Swedish language practice are workings as well.

How do we regain things?
People and different companies as well as schools, for example, donate things to Motala Återvinning. Clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture and household things – everything that people do not need any more but that is still useable is given to Återvinningen. We are thankful for almost everything but we say no to solarium, and big-old-thick TVs. In our second-hand shops we renew the things, repair them, yes, – regain them in order to sell or send to someone who needs help. All clothes are sorted and made fresh again as much as possible. Clothes and shoes for humanitarian aid are packed in special bags.

Motala Återvinning is an organization working...
for a social aim
, operates three second-hand shops, two lunch restaurants and a skateboarding hall for children and youth in Motala. It is a nonprofit organization and the main purpose is to offer meaningful leisure time and future for people. When young people are given possibilities for a meaningful leisure time, then even their future is positively influenced.

Duties within the second-hand shop are: collecting items at client´s place, sorting the items as well as cleaning them, repairing, selling or packing them for humanitarian aid.

We offer some extra services within Motala Återvinning: transporting service and house-cleaning service.

Both lunch restaurants operated by Motala Återvinning besides their main purpose work also for a social aim. One of the restaurants, called “the 59th” is situated in the Old Town in Motala and there are mostly elderly people who come to eat and fellowship there. The other restaurant “the 71st” is situated in a housing area in Motala and in the beginning it worked as a place of fellowship for different nationalities and generations. Because of the good food and service the restaurants have become recognized in Motala by now. Both restaurants also work even with catering orders.

Humanitarian aid
Work with humanitarian aid
started directly from the beginning, 1992. The first trailers packed with food, furniture and clothes went to Ukraine and Russia. Because of the problematic regulations and laws regarding import to Russia, we are not able to send there anymore.

During the latest years we have been working with Latvia and Estonia. We are working with different projects and cooperating with local municipalities and different organizations, schools and others who are working socially in their local region. We are sending trailers loaded with different things approximately every other month. Overseeing of the help which we have sent is very important. We check how the things are used, who receive them and in which way the receiver works further to offer  local help for people in need.

Every person who donates or works is an important part of the Motala Återvinning organization. Regardless of what kind of work a person performs within the company, he can be sure that it is meaningful both for him and for many more. We want to make a difference in people´s lives and we hope we do it both in Sweden and outside its borders.

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